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Chancel Repair Searches

Chancel Repair Searches

To discover whether a property is within the historical boundary of an Ecclesiastical Parish that is still bound by potential chancel liability repair then we will need to order what is called a Chancel Check Search.

The Chancel Check Search comes at a cost of £15.00 plus VAT and in most cases will be returned on the same day.

If this report was to come back positive you may want us to carry out a Full Chancel Repair Search for you.

The main difference between this and the previous search is that the Full Chancel Repair Search is carried out at the National Archives. This search is property specific and will tell you exactly what liability is attached to the property.

You will also receive a copy extract from the tithe map showing the property and details of the apportionment, which can then be calculated according to the rent charge payable for the whole parish.

The cost of a Full Chancel Repair Search is £130.00 plus VAT plus the disbursement charged to ourselves and on most occasions we will have the report back within 2-3 days.

We can also provide insurance to cover potential liability highlighted on a chancel check report. Prices are variable from £43.00 to £100.00 depending on the age of the property.

Please contact us for exact pricing.







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