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Commons Registration Searches

Commons Registration Searches

This information is available by requesting a common land, town and green optional enquiry (No22) search on the CON29O form.

The Commons Regulation Act 1965 now ensures that the common land and the owner of the land and any rights over such land are now registered at the county council that is appropriate.

The Commons Registration search is appropriate if the land that is being purchased is adjacent to undeveloped land or if the adjacent land had previously belong to the Lord of the manor. It is should also be ordered is the land was once a town or village green.

The purpose of the search is to reveal whether all or part of the land is subject to provisional or final registration under the Commons Registration Act 1965. if the property has an existing right of common land it will mean that third parties have the possibility of exercising certain rights over the land. It would also mean that obtaining planning permission to develop the land would be difficult.

The Commons Registration Search results can usually be sent out in 3-5 working days. Please contact us for exact cost.














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