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Drainage & Water Searches

Drainage and Water Searches

The CON29DW Drainage and Water Search provides comprehensive data on sewer connection status, water supply and charging arrangements, and is recommended by the Law Society as essential in all conveyancing transactions.

The drainage part of the search looks at all the following:

  • Whether surface water and/or and foul sewage drains away properly to a public sewer.

  • If any of the sewers within the proximity of the property are subject to an adoption agreement and if so what stage of the adoption agreement process has been reached and whether the agreement is supported by a bond.

  • Whether there is a sewer within the boundary of the property or it this isn't the case whether there is one 100 feet (30 metres) of any of the buildings within the property.

  • Whether there is consent or a current statutory agreement to erect an extension or building in the vicinity of or over a main disposal or public sewer (Building Over Sewer Agreement).

The water part looks at:

  • Whether the property is connected to a water supply and if so which company is supplying the water.

  • Whether there are any assets or vested water mains within the boundaries of the searched property.

The charging arrangements look at:

  • Which company are making the charges and for which services they are charging.

  • Whether the water charges are unmeasured or metered and whether there is a possibility this could be changed after new ownership.

The commercial drainage and water report looks at:

  • Detailed water quality analysis and commentary.

  • Whether there is a risk of internal flooding from overloaded public sewers to the property.

  • Details of any consented trade effluent discharges.

  • Confirmation of whether the property has received and is likely to continue to receive low water pressure.

The residential reports can usually be sent out in 3-5 working days at a cost of approximately £40.00 plus VAT.

The commercial reports can usually be sent out in 3-5 working days at a cost of approximately £110.00 plus VAT.

We can also provide Personal Drainage and Water searches at a cost of £25 plus VAT.

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