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Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)

Energy Performance Certificates

Energy Performance Certificates are now a mandatory part of Buying and Letting a property.

As from October 1st 2008 anyone wishing to let out a property must obtain an Energy Performance Certificate. Any properties that were let prior to this date are exempt until they are re let.

Home Information Packs were suspended in May 2010, but the Energy Performance Certificate, which is now vaild for 10 years is still a mandatory part of conveyancing.

For more information on where and when an EPC is needed please visit the following website

What is an Energy Performance Certificate?

An EPC will be carried out by a Home Inspector or Domestic Energy Assessor who will carry out a survey on the property and issue a certificate with the following:

Energy Efficiency Rating - The Energy Efficiency score of the property giving it a rating ranging from 'A' to 'G', with 'A' the most efficient and 'G' the least (see below left).

Environmental Impact Rating - The Environmental Impact Rating of the property that again works on the 'A' to 'G' scale but considers the generation of CO2 emissions (see below right).

EPC Graph

A series of suggestions offering ways that the property can be made more efficient and how much they will cost.

How much the property costs to heat currently and how much would be saved if all the improvements were made.

What is the purpose of Energy Performance Certificates?

EPCs were born in the European Parliament and are intended to help cut greenhouse gas emissions. The certificates offer a potential tenant or buyer an overview of how a property consumes and preserves energy. It aims to educate people on the effect their homes have on the environment, how much they cost to heat and how improvements can be made. A more efficient home will benefit both the environment and us.

How much are Energy Performance Certificates?

Energy Performance Certificates are £45.00 plus VAT.

For a sample Energy Performance Certificate Click Here

For more information please call 01256 793613 or email


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